Ernest Benoit

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Ernest Benoit at Stonecow Brewery, Barre, MA

Ernest Benoit at Stonecow Brewery, Barre, MA

THANK YOU for visiting this page. The fact that you are here and taking the time to read this is truly appreciated! 

What type of music do I play? In addition to my original acoustic rock songs (found on my 2014 and 2016 releases 'Coaster' and 'Grey Morning Light') I mix in the hits you know and love along with the deep cuts from artists ranging from Johnny Cash to Queen and Tom Petty to AC/DC.

With my trusty Martin D16 acoustic guitar, the tapping of my amplified left foot and my own voice, I put my own spin on the 'singer / songwriter / Americana' genres with  songs that are about the reality of life, everyday struggles, and occasionally, cars and women..

My live equipment setup is compact enough to fit into literally any space (I was once directed to set up in a closet, and yes I did fit!) and I take great care in my live sound quality and volume so that you can enjoy the music while still holding a conversation with your friends! 

Hit me up on the contact page or via the sosh-net links below to book a show or just to say hello!

Thanks for reading! \m/

A sampling of the artists I RESPECTFULLY cover:


Wayne 'The Train' Hancock

Hank Williams


Lynyrd Skynyrd

Waylon Jennings



Skid Row

Johnny Cash

Social Distortion / Mike Ness

Foo Fighters

Tom Petty

The Rolling Stones

Merle Haggard

Tom Waits

Steve Earle

Bon Jovi