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Grey Morning Light is done! Whew!! Time to take a breath!!

I have finally completed all of the work that was needed to properly release my latest album, Grey Morning Light!!! 

It was a very long and, at times, arduous process, but it was most definetely worth it!!

"Grey Morning Light" physical copies are on hand here at HQ and at CD Baby and it is also on it's way to literally every digital outlet. The album's info page has been updated with links to the most popular digital outlets such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify. I also added full song previews so you can try before you buy! Copyright registration applications have been submitted and sent to Washington D.C. 

All there is left is to go out and PLAY the songs live and for you to (hopefully) enjoy them! Check the Shows link for updates!

Time to take a little breather and then it's back to work... on, yes.. Album 3.

I hope you enjoy Grey Morning Light. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of it! And PLEASE leave a review on your digital outlet of choice! 

Thanks for reading!

Grey Morning Light is released TODAY!

I'm extremely pleased and excited to let you know that today I've released my second album, entitled 'Grey Morning Light'!! 

It's currently available on bandcamp and it will soon be available at all other digital outlets as well. Swing over to my bandcamp page and you can listen to all of the tracks for free. Try before you buy!

I hope you enjoy the songs. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! 

I'll be updating the website over the next few days with more info and soon I'll have sample tracks to listen to on here as well.. Check out what's going on with my twitter feed too. 

Thanks for reading! \m/

And the album 2 title is....

As I announced on Twitter earlier today (I just couldn't wait any longer) the title of my second album is 'Grey Morning Light'. 

I know everyone has been on the edge of their keyboards waiting in anticipation to hear what the real name of 'Album 2' would be! Haha. 

The physical album is currently in production at CD Baby and will be available around the end of May. I should have the digital version up on Bandcamp within a week and availability on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and all that other digital distribution goodness will follow shortly afterward!

Thanks for reading! 

Album two update: Mixing and Art

I am getting really close to finalizing the mix for Album Two. I expect mixing and mastering to be complete this week! That means the album will essentially be done. 

I am also very close to finishing the album and CD artwork and hope to finalize that this week as well. 

The end is in sight! 

This past weekend I played at Wycked Java in Worcester MA. In May I have a show at Rapscallion Brewery with my band Secret Evil Plan as well as a solo show at Ralph's Diner. Good times all around. See you out there I hope!

Thanks for reading! 

Album 2 update: mix / master time

I've completed the rough mix for my next record and will be going to a studio at the end of the month to do the final mix and mastering. I'm really stoked to be getting close to completing the record!

While I'm waiting for my studio session I'll be busy working on the album art, getting the copyright process started and various other tasks like setting up a new project in CD Baby duplication.

It is a lot of work but I think it will be worth it!! So far I've gotten some good feedback on the songs so that is encouraging!

I finally got my act together and printed some business cards. We'll see if it helps with booking shows. 

You can get my first record 'COASTER' on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and pretty much any digital outlet! Physical copies are available at CD Baby, at shows, or if you want, just hit me up here!

Thanks for reading!

Back in the swing..

I used to enjoy writing blog posts several years ago but I stopped writing on blogs in order to focus more on music. 

Now that I have this site, I thought I would try and post occasionally and see how it goes. 

I've been working really hard on my next record. I hope to have it completed later this spring. 

This next record, which I will announce the title for when it is closer to completion, is another 100% DIY effort. I'm really happy with how it's sounding and can't wait till it's done and people can hear it!

Thanks for reading!